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Ansly is the ultimate Q&A platform that helps teams answer questions in the best way possible. At scale.

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Key features

Create teams for each department or area of subject

Add team members to one or more teams. Delegate questions to team(s) for them to answer. Get notified if anyone runs behind.

Templates and articles for frequently asked questions

Answering the same questions over and over again is a waste of time. Let our machine learning system advise you which template to use or attach a well written article.

Build SEO content and landing pages

Planning and writing popular content is hard and sometimes even impossible to do. By publishing your answers online, it is easy to see which content that attracts new visitors. Skip the planning and go ahead working with actual content.

Assign the question team(s)

Ansly works as a Question Answer System and a Task Management System in one. Knowing who-does-what at all times gives a frictionless collaboration and a clear workflow.

Real-time collaboration

Secure and encrypted real-time collaboration when answering questions. Great when discussing a potential answer with a college and suggesting possible ways of answering.

GDPR friendly

Ansly is designed with built-in privacy. Control how long IP-addresses should be stored and easily anonymize user data. Choose your preferred server location.

Support for anonymous questioner

Select what information to ask for. Name, phone, age, gender, country or maybe just the question? Feel free to offer a completely anonymous service for your visitors.

Machine learning assisted

Get suggestions for categorization, internal assignment, potential templates and related articles. Save time with one-click solutions for approving the ML suggestions.

Built-in access control

Control which questions each team and team member should have access to by setting correct policies.

Dashboards for visitor feedback

Create enthusiasm by showing site visitor feedback and performance overview directly to your colleges. Learn and improve.

Show and hide the questionnaire form

Hide questionnaire for everyone or just for some specific subject areas only. Great when planning holidays and staffing.

Vacation and leave of absence

Organize vacation and other absence requests efficiently and with ease. See availability when assigning questions to teams or team members.

Internal chat and messaging system

Ease the communication between team members by letting them send messages to each other.


Notify team members about new questions (e-mail, SMS). Nudge them if a question gets overdue.

Hourly rates and contracts

Make sure that every team member has their contract signed and their hourly rate.

Cost report

Keep track of costs and performance for each team member or team. Each team member can submit their hours.

Thread based communication

Enable the possibility for questioner or visitors to do follow-up questions.

2-factor for increased security

Use Google Authenticator or SMS to secure your logins.

Developer friendly

Present the questions on any platform you want. Use our ready-to-use solutions or create your own. REST API/subdomain/iframe/SDKs etc.

The data is yours

Subdomain, iframe, REST API or use our SDKs. Grow and utilize your Q&A database best way possible.
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